Innovation Claim

Iris is innovative because no prior marketing tactic has product placement using the method of AI.​


This is the most recent update for the project. Iris is giving product placements while she is also gaining a personality. 

We can see that in the second to last prototype that Iris is giving product placements, but some that were poping up outside the video were PDF's. We also were only focused on Home Depot and we wanted to expand.

In this early version of Iris, we  have two parts of the project that have been coded that needed to be integrating together. We had to start a Iris 2.0 because these programs did not work together. 

Here is the very first prototype of the project. This video was video editing to show how the programs original concept. Since this prototype was made the project ended changing where the project would play off of. Instead of playing off a Google Home or Alexa system, instead the user uses their computer for the program. However, this video was only the start of the project.


Product Description

This is a marketing ploy in an AI format. Iris takes a user's location and keywords to create a product placement that is developed for the user. Iris gives the user an option to not have a product placement as well. This helps a user from feeling overwhelmed with ads. 
Like for example, you ask the program how to build a shed. Before telling you how to build a shed, the device would tell you that there are sheds on sale at the Home Depot down the street.

The Team

Project Leader

Samantha Jaros

Team Leader

Past Researchers

Darren Javes

Past Researcher

Adalberto Ruiz

Past Researcher

Nikolas Seropian

Past Researcher

Dwight Thomas Jr.

Past Researcher

Past Business

Past Programmers

Dawson Greeley

Past Main Programmer

Junseok Baek

Past Programmer

Levi Overstreet

Past Programmer

Zinedin Bautista

Past Programmer

Aaron Sweet

Past Main Programmer

Karina Salkin

Past Programmer

Alfred Lay

Past Programmer

Matthew Pylant

Past Business 


Behind the Idea

When it comes to marketing, the need for marketing is expanding everyday with the new technology that comes out. When it came to building a new marketing product, the place we have yet to see marketing is within the AI devices we use at home. This started the idea to format a marketing product able to work with AI devices being implemented into everyone's homes.


At the start of PPAH, there was no skilled programmer on the team. Slowly the product built was built through ideas and hopes at first. This started the process of what should it look like and where can it go.

However, after 6 months of planning, the ideas quickly had to adapt and change. While original planning went to getting the program on an Alexa product, problems and restrictions arose that cause the program move to a computer program. 

While at first this was a hard change to start from scratch, it quickly became better than the original idea.